Reliance Trucking Inc.


We have team of exprienced driver who dilever your items on time and with safty.


Our Team has passion for thier work. They show thier dedication towords their work.

Innovation and Technology

We keep our technology up to date which helps us to make our staff and customer more confortable.

Dedicated & Expedited

Our team is very dedicated. They stands for what they saidand work honestly. 

24/7 Dispatch

Our teamwork24/7 so we can done dilevery on time. We dispatch our trailer to same and another country like US everyday.

Temperature Controlled

We have temprature controlled trailers so the goods not to damage adn could dilever in same condition as we recived.

Local Dilevery 

We diliver goods in Ontario as well. Our trailers move around Ontario three times in a day.

Our Name In Market

we have just started work before few years and now we are well reputative company in Canada.


The flatbed is one of the most versatile trailers for transporting freight. Flatbed trailers normally transport cargo that is larger or wider, freight that requires to be loaded by a crane, or from the side with a forklift.

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